Toshiba TSST TS-L632B Firmware Update (L632B) SAMSUNG

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Toshiba TSST TS-L632B

This are pics of the drive, these are not my pics and belong to thier
respective owners:


I bought a Toshiba M55-S3293, S3293 Harmon, and it came with the TSST
TS-L632B. This drive  seems to be sold in many make of computers:

-Texas Insruments
Possible more

I wrote a review on the laptop that can be found around here, and in it
I mentioned that the DVD-CD R drive got bad reviews. I had no problems
with untill two days ago. The drive would flake out all of a sudden! It
would dissapear completly from "My Computer" and would fail durring DVD
rips with apps like DVDSHRINK and DVDdecrypter. The only solution I
found was to shutdown the machine and reboot, bios would rereconize the
drive and I would be good again for a few hours. A restart would not
work however! I must admit that I have turned this laptop into a media
whore over the last week, I've ripped about 10 dvds and 80 or cds back
to back and this is what egged on this problem I would imagine. I
searched around on the web and found almost nothing :( There is a
suvire lack of support for this drive. I did stumple across a
webposting that helped.

I found a firmware upgrade for it for TOSHIBA COMPUTERS ONLY! My
computer and most others come with Firmware version T030 with a date of
10/3/05. The following link will update it to T033, date 10/4/05. The
version is all of one day newer? Anyway this did solve the problem so
far. The down side is that I only know this being a safe solution for
toshiba computers, others on the net with other brands ACER in
praticular, after upgrading the drive to T033 would no longer respond
or be reconized by wnidows. So USE AT A RISK!

" "

The drive is made my toshiba and samsung so it is possible that it is
hosted at toshibas web site but aplicable to other brands I just have
had no exprience is all. After reading I guess that there are other
versions of the firmware starting with TI-X and TS-X and this one T0-X.
They stated that they felt that the TS-X was toshiba and TI-X was Texas
Instruments and so on. THIS IS NOT TRUE! My copmuter can with TO30 so
the first two letters dont seem to so easily convert into brands. I
couldn't find T031 or T032 so imagine that they dont exsist. They do
exsist in a TI and TS format I thnk.


Ben H. (Utahsben) and (Xanatos)

Re: Toshiba TSST TS-L632B Firmware Update (L632B) SAMSUNG

Sorry Link was a bad copy and paste:

" "

Also if ya look it, it is not hosted on the american website so
visiting and searched will yeald in nothing!

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