Toshiba Tecra 9100 problems

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My Tecra 9100 will not charge the battery. The charge indicator glows
amber for a couple of hours and then the light goes out. The software
power indicator always shows a charge of 15% but the unit will not
operate from batteries. AC power works fine and computer operates
normally. Is this a motherboard problem? Also 2 other strange
problems. No sound from speaker or headphones. No modem. Windows
device manager shows both devices as working properly and sound meters
show files playing. Modem diagnostics state port cannot be be
accessed. No conflicts show up and I'm using newest drivers from
Toshiba. Is the charging thing related to the mobo flexing problem
Toshiba had on this model. Would poor solder connections cause the
other 2 device problems.

Re: Toshiba Tecra 9100 problems

The battery problem is most likely just that ... a battery problem.

The sound problem is most likely either a stupid problem (volume turned
down ... either the knob (almost all toshiba laptops have an actual
knob), or the Windows sound mixer), or a driver problem.

The modem is probably a software/driver problem ... some of these can be
very difficult to get installed correctly.  [VERY, VERY difficult]

[The newest driver is not necessarily the best or the right driver]

Poor solder connections can cause any problem, but the above is the most
likely scenario.

diplexer wrote:
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Re: Toshiba Tecra 9100 problems

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Volume knob is fine and sound mixer is all the way up. I've tried all
of Toshiba's drivers that were available
for the YAMAHA sound and all modem drivers. They all say the devices
are installed and working correctly but they don't. If they weren't
installed correctly they would show conflicts and the sound meter
would not show a file playing. I even tried a Linux Live cd boot and
the same sound problems with that OS.

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