Toshiba Tecra 750CDM processer upgrade??

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I have a couple of nice Toshiba 750CDM's that work well. They are just
a little too slow for my liking though. Memory is maxed out on them
too. These are backup units. Anyway, does anyone know if I could
remove the 233 MMX processor, and install a faster, say 300-500 mhz
intel chip from a newer computer? Would there be any compatibility
problems there? If I thought there was a chance of doing this, I
definitely would give it a go. Thanks ahead of time for any info.


Re: Toshiba Tecra 750CDM processer upgrade??

Bill wrote:
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The 233MMX was a weird bird, almost nothing could be swapped out for it.  On
some IBM Thinkpads that had the MMX, I swapped out the 233MMX for a real 266mhz
PII cpu.  It would boot, but only after twirling around three times, jumping
over hot coals and sacrificing Hostess HoHo's to the gopher gods.  In short,
no.  Different bus architecture between the MMX chips and anything else.  The
only cpu you can swap the 233MMX with, is another 233MMX.

Sell the Toshiba(or donate it), sorry.

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