Toshiba T3600CT - Need external 3.5" drive

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I have recently come into possesion of two ancient Toshiba T3600CT
laptops. One has a non-working copy of Windows 98 on it (It continually
fails at boot with some type of Windows IOS error) and the other has a
working copy of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 on it.

They both have the max of 24 megs of ram, and are nice compact machines
(for that era), so I am wanting to restore them, perhaps with a trimmed
down copy of Windows 95 or Linux. Plus, their batteries are still good.
I got nearly 4 hours out of each of them before they started giving low
battery warnings, which isn't a common sight with today's machines.

To do the restoration, I need to find someone (either an individual or
business) with access to the proper external floppy drive. I don't need
it permanently; as I only need to get the OS loaded - Once that's done,
anything else can be accomplished by hooking them into my LAN.

To assist in helping to figure out which drive I need, I have taken
pictures of the laptop's drive connector and posted them online.

If you know exactly which drive I need (It seems that Toshiba did this
with many laptops with varying P/N's for the drive) but don't have it
to loan or sell, would you be kind enough to post the proper P/N so
that I can continue my search elsewhere?


Re: Toshiba T3600CT - Need external 3.5" drive

There are other ways to skin this cat without using a floppy drive at
all, but finding a floppy drive may be the easiest way.  As far as I
know, Toshiba has only used two connectors for external floppy drives
(excluding USB and PC Card drives), so most likely if you find an
external floppy drive from a Toshiba Satellite series computer (any
model) it will work on this computer (the connectors do look the same).
  Note that some Portege and perhaps Tecra models do use a different
connector.  The drives that you want are readily availalbe on E-Bay for
under $10 (sometimes under $5).  Look for a drive from a Toshiba
Satellite 400 series laptop.  You may be able to find an entire laptop
(including the external floppy drive) for under $10.  Personally, I do
not think that the T3600CT is worth salvaging. wrote:

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