Toshiba SP 6000 Upgrades?

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Hi all

Tried the toshiba forums but they are little to no help.

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 laptop off ebay which
had the power connector fault.

Anyway, the soldering job fixed the problem and now i am looking to
upgrade the laptop to make it run a bit faster.  I'm looking for the
following info, any help would be greatly appreciated.

1: The maximum GB harddrive that the BIOS will recognise.

2: Can the processor be upgraded to a slightly faster one?  (currently
1.06ghz P-Celeron-M) The chip is removable so it looks like it can be
replaced but the Toshiba Specs and Manuals dont give out any info on
the max CPU the board and bios will take :(

3: When the top case was removed and the motherboard was viewable there
what looks like an empty bracket with connectors at the back, it sits
right next to the slim select bay drive and has what looks like the
motherboards main chip laying underneath.  What it this connector used
for (it is labeled "PCI Card")?

4: Will any lower end (basically older) cd-rw tray work in the Toshiba
SP 6000?  Or does it have to be a particular model?

This is my first laptop and i dont have a clue about upgrading them :(
Any help will be much appreciated.

Re: Toshiba SP 6000 Upgrades?

Victor wrote:
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I've had one too - I liked it - great features.

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Not sure but the original installation discs partitioned my 40Gb drive
into 2 20Gb partitions for reasons that defeat me. My 6100 makes 2 x
30Gb partitions. You may find you have double what you think!
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I believe the 6000 went up to PIII 1.2 GHz and I think the mobo is the same.
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That should take the optional Wifi card. There should be a black and a
white wire in the vicinity that are tied up. They were all factory wifi
ready with the card being optional (integrated aerial in the chassis). I
may have one you can have for 10 - email me removing MAPS
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Mostly/from a range
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Go for the CPU/memory. After that you may be better off selling the
machine for a higher spec model?
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