Toshiba Satellite (really really really slow) did I miss something?

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I just go a hand-me-down laptop Toshiba Satellite 3000.  Its a P3-1Ghz
(or so they told me), with 512MB SDRAM, and a 20G hard drive.

The problem, its running Win2k right now, and it feels like a 386 cpu
machine.  I turned off all power savings and crank up everything to
maximum.  And still runs like a 386.

I downloaded a utility to see cpu speed and it shows the thing as only
a P3-500.

Is there any Toshiba utility out there so I can make this thing run
like a P3? or at the minimum a P2.

Or is it one of those omen thing.  This is an indication that TOshiba
as a corporation is at the twilight of its life.

Re: Toshiba Satellite (really really really slow) did I miss something?

Most likely it has a "speed step" dual speed CPU and it's running in the
low-speed mode (done to save power and reduce heat generation).  There
is a utility to control that, it may be in the control panel "power
management" utility as a "toshiba extension".  Also, if this is not the
original Toshiba installation, it may be that whoever installed the OS
simply did not do it right, and it's "stuck" in the low speed without
the utility and controls to let you switch gears.

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