Toshiba Satellite R15 / Terca M4 or the Avertec AMDAthlon XP220 PC+ Tablet PC

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A few weeks ago, I was in Indianapolis and I tried the Toshiba
Satellite R15 and the the Avertec AMDAthlon XP220 PC+ Tablet PCs.  I
liked both, but the Avertec seemed to have a slightly easier time
reading my handwriting.  However, one of my friends suggested I get
your opinions because she has heard horror stories about Avertec's
customer service?  Have anyone tried either of these two Tablet PCs?

Ten years ago, I had a Toshiba Satellite notebook and I was very happy
with it (until Windows 98 came along).  So, I'm willing to go w/
Toshiba again.

I plan to use my Tablet PC for writing and converting my messy
handwriting to text.  I plan to use the notebook portion of the Tablet
PC for surfing the Internet (hopefully on a broadband connection) and
working on spreadsheets, presentation and word processing files.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

The Scribe

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