toshiba satellite pro 6100 HDD and bios

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I have to replace the HDD in the computer for the second time. The
first time it was covered under warrenty but not this time. I purchased
a replacement drive that fits into the computer and I can hear it spin,
but the bios says that there is not a drive installed. Also, I booted
from the Win XP CD and that too said that the PC does not have a drive.
I put the drive in an external USB drive case and I can use it on
another PC. I am lost as to what to do with the Toshiba and how to get
the PC to see the drive.

Re: toshiba satellite pro 6100 HDD and bios

I've been dealing with a multitude of problems with the 6100 (I'm
supporting 100+) one of which is many, many HD failures. I have also
had to send in a few when they refused to recognize any HD even after

My own feeling is that there is an inherent design flaw in the 6100
causing overheating and/or a power issue. HDs fail, AC adapters fail,
system and power boards have been replaced at an alarming rate.

Even though you are out of warranty, you might do some Google searches
and then keep hounding Toshiba (it is very difficult to find someone
to talk to there, I will admit). They have replaced 6100s for others.

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