Toshiba Satellite Pro 4290: Dead on mains; OK on battery

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Here the story:

My trusty old Satellite Pro 4290 began to work only intermittently on mains
power - jiggling the power connector would make it work. I assumed that 7
years of connecting and disconnecting the adapter cable had flexed the
joint and cracked the solder. So, I opened it up, removed the motherboard,
and sure enough one of the adapter joints had cracked; a quick dab of
solder and it was good as new.

However, when it was all re-assembled, I got NO mains power at all. It works
fine on the battery - but this is only a very short-term solution since the
battery is not being recharged because there's no mains power!

I have:
put a voltmeter on the output of the power adapter; steady 15.25V
put a voltmeter on the motherboard side of the power connector; steady
put a voltmeter on the motherboard ground points; steady 15.25V
stripped down and re-assembled 3 times to check for missed connectors etc.

The board appears to be getting power. I'm now stumped. Any ideas?

Andrew Woodward

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