Toshiba Satellite P-35

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I have been trying to get to the bottom of this problem for a year or
My laptop periodically locks up or freezes, I'm not sure there is a
technical difference. It locks up at odd times, sometimes after an idle
period, sometimes when I'm in the middle of something. Sometimes when I
haven't even logged on yet.
When it does lock up, it will not respond. If the pointer is visible, I
can't move it. The 3 fingered salute (Ctl+Alt+Del) is powerless.
Pressing the power button will not turn it off.
However, pressing and holding the power button for about 5 seconds will
turn it off.

The only advice I have ever gotten is to disable the power saving
features, and hibernation. I have done that and it hasn't helped.

Does anyone have any good ideas?

Re: Toshiba Satellite P-35

I'd proceed in the following sequence to diagnose this:

1.  Clean the CPU cooling system (heatsink and fan)
2.  Run a stand-alone memory diagnostic (memtest, memtest86)

If that doesn't fix it (the memory test MUST run with ZERO errors for
several hours), I'd reinstall Windows. wrote:

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Re: Toshiba Satellite P-35

I tried running memtest86, but it requires a floppy and my laptop has
none. I can't seem to burn the image (memtest.bin) to a CD. Any ideas
on how to do so?
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Re: Toshiba Satellite P-35 wrote:
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I assume WinXP: if the notebook will boot, immediately go to Contol
Panel/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer. Review all of the logs for
relative errors (red) or warnings (yellow).

If you find none, then the problem is one of hardware: mainboard, HD
failure, RAM failure, etc.

Post back what you find.


Re: Toshiba Satellite P-35

There doesn't seem to be any relevant error messages in the event
viewer - That is nothing at or near the times when the laptop crashes.
I have, however found a way to replicate the error: if I run Forte
Agent (I just did a complete reinstall of it) and do a global search in
a large group, it crashes after looking through several thousand
Bear in mind, this is not the only way the crash can occur. But is does
seem to happen when the laptop is running hard.

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