Toshiba Satellite M40 screen failure

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My machine is only about 5 months old.

The other day having used it for a bit on my lap I picked it up and put
it on the table and went to leave the room. When i was near the door I
heard a cracking sound and looked back to see that the screen had
suddenly failed. It looks a bit like a cracked window.

Dixons where I bought it say it has suffered accidental damage and
refuse to send it back to Toshiba for repair.

Has anyone ever heard of a LCD screen failing spontaneiously like this?
I need evidence to present to Dixons and Toshiba to make my warranty
claimwhich they are resisting at the moment. I am an impoverished
student so cannnot afford the quoted900 repair charge by Dixons or
the150 repair cost estimate.

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