Toshiba Satellite M100 faulty Ethernet card

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Hi.. I am Harin from Malaysia. I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite
M100 P-340 laptop and my Ethernet card is not working. After
complaining to the service centre (whose customer service is terrible
by the way), they claimed that my laptop only works with static IP and
not with DHCP. After i informed them that that was such a ridiculous
answer they finally sent someone to take a look at the problem. After
changing the motherboard and re-installing Windows etc.... the LAN
card now works intermittently only. It works at some areas and
doesn't work in others. My office uses DHCP and all other laptops
work fine except mine.

The service centre brought a similar model laptop and checked it in my
office, and the found that it experienced the same problem as mine.
But when he used another model laptop (Tecra) it worked perfectly. I
am suspecting that the M100 family laptops have faulty Ethernet
cards. Anyone else having this problem??

I have written to Toshiba Singapore and they said they cant replace
the laptop but can only repair it. But the trouble is they do not
know how to repair it.

Anyone facing this problem as well? Any ideas on how to solve it?

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