Toshiba Satellite LCD problem (white line at top)

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  I need help figuring out what to do with this screen problem. I have
noticed that my laptop screen has a white line that flashes whenever
the computer boots up.  When I open any programs, I can see the screen
being refreshed or redrawn due to the intermittent flashing of lines
through the display.  While it is not happening on the entire display,
it is getting worse.

I connected the output video to an external LCD and it shows the image
perfectly, leading me to believe that it is a backlight or inverter
problem.  I am hoping it is not the LCD itself, but I am inclined to
think not since I was able to run a utility that flashes all the colors
on my screen and in solid colors the screen looks fine (for example -
if the screen is a solid green it looks solid green except for the
white line at the top).

Can someone please give me some help in the right direction?  I want to
repair it myself, but I am not sure what I will need to purchase to
repair it.  If it is LCD problem, I will just replace the entire unit,
but if it is the inverter or backlight, I will try to repair it myself.

Model is Toshiba Satellite 1115-s103.

Thanks in advance.


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