Toshiba Satellite hard drive disappears after sleep

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I have a friend's Toshiba Satillite 2805-S301.  If the laptop goes
into sleep mode, and when I try to wake it, it displays a message,
ROOT DIRECTORY DELETED.  And sure enough it won't boot.  After booting
from a floppy, the C: drive is not specified.  I get the <Invalid
drive specification>  when trying to switch to it.

If the laptop is shutdown normally, it boots fine.

Of course, I plan to disable the sleep mode, but is there anything
else that could cause this?


Re: Toshiba Satellite hard drive disappears after sleep

Hi David... The only thing I can think of right now is to check if
Toshiba has a newer BIOS update for that machine. By the way, what OS is
on this machine? Also if hibernation mode can be enabled, what happens


Bill (using a HP AMD 1.2GHZ & Windows 2000)
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Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 19:41:26 -0600

Re: Toshiba Satellite hard drive disappears after sleep

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Ha... I don't know yet.  She didn't have the recovery disk in the
case.  But on the bottom of the case, it says WinME.

I looked at BIOS changes on the website, but not many changes since
2001.  I d/l just in case.  I never have been lucky with flashing
BIOS.  I've managed to do this twice over the years, and trashed two

Will the recovery CD setup the HD also?

I thought the HD might be bad, but I can feel it vibrate a little when
I press the power button.  Not a foolproof method, but if it runs,
it's usually good. (Famous last words!)

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