Toshiba Satellite black screen after boot

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My toshiba satellite L305-S5955 laptop would turn on and a message that
said it would shut donw in one minute appeard.
After that, I kept getting the Blue Screen of death/doom and I got even
more frustrated. I do remember it saying something about de activating
my antivirus and other things. I later tired to reinstall vista ut it
just froze at the second step which is extracting files, I think. Now,
every time I trun the laptop on it goes to the toshiba logo, then
windows is loading files, then the boot screen, then a black/blank
I looked everywhere but I haven't been able to find an answer...
any help is appreciated :)

Re: Toshiba Satellite black screen after boot

kriziboy wrote on Tue, 29 Jun 2010 10:09:17 -0500:
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I don't understand? When did this message pop up? Before the OS loads or

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well I may have some sad news for you. Well maybe not too sad. As I
bought a used Gateway MX6124 laptop on eBay. It was my third MX6124 so I
had two others to compare with. And this one would read the CPU
temperature 10 to 40F lower than I believe it should.

I didn't worry too much about it at the time since it was running
flawless. Although I started to run very CPU intensive games on it.
Still the CPU would read much lower than it should and I don't ever
remember the fan kicking on to a high speed like my other MX6124 did
running the very same games. I guess it shouldn't, since it was
reporting that it was running very cool anyway.

Well after about 6 weeks of heavy game playing, the laptop started to
get unstable. Freeze and lockup. And it started to get worse and worse.
Then it got to a point where it would never finish loading Windows and
the blue screen would always pop up.

I swapped out the hard drive. Nope. Swapped out the RAM. Nope. Next I
tried swapping the CPU. Bingo! All is well again. And just to double
check I stuck that CPU in another laptop. And yes now the problem is on
that laptop.

It works fine today and I don't run heavy CPU intensive games on it
anymore. And right now I am letting a friend use it. But the CPU still
reports the CPU temperature lower than it should be. So it could happen
again if the CPU was left being pushed very hard.

And yours might be suffering from a failed CPU too. Although it could be
the RAM, hard drive, or who knows what else too. But you have to start
somewhere. And the cheapest option is generally a good place to start.

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