Toshiba Satellite AC/DC Conflict

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We have a three year old Toshiba Satellite 1005-S157 laptop
that is reading very WRONG on the power meter...

When we try to start the laptop under AC, it won't turn on
WITHOUT the battery (PA3163U) being inserted, whether it was charged or
drained....whereafter the laptop will sometimes "shut-off" on it's
own...basically after about a minute from start-up.

When we ARE successful in the laptop "staying on" long via AC, the
power meter will sometimes "switch" and indicate it's in the DC mode
for no apparent reason....while our battery is only at %3, and will
shut off because of this...

WHY is this happening?...and can one CHARGE this kind of battery
inserted in the laptop BEFORE you turn on the machine?


Re: Toshiba Satellite AC/DC Conflict

I would suspect a problem, perhaps intermittent, in the AC adapter or its
connections. Sounds very much like the computer is losing its power from the
AC adapter.
Don Young

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Re: Toshiba Satellite AC/DC Conflict

Yes, it COULD be the adapter, but we're not certain....
It's only a half-year old adapter BTW...

We've fiddled with the cord during operation and seems to
work perfectly (for now), although it's understandable AC adapters
DO burn-out after years of use...despite our laptop being THREE years

Regardless, the laptop's "turn-on" procedure SHOULDN'T happen
this way...might be something internal....THX!


Re: Toshiba Satellite AC/DC Conflict


The laptop WON'T EVEN START without having the
battery inserted (be it fully charged or partially drained)

We re-start and HOPE the laptop stays on long via the
AC adapter plugged in correctly, but when you pull
OUT the battery even during this start-up with the AC plugged in, it
shuts off...

...and THAT'S out of the ordinary..

Re: Toshiba Satellite AC/DC Conflict

Can't help with all of your post, but the battery will (or should)
charge whenever it is in the laptop and the laptop has power from the AC
adapter/charger, even if the laptop is turned off. wrote:

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Re: Toshiba Satellite AC/DC Conflict

Sounds like the DC jack needs reworked.. Cold or bad solder joints
will cause this on any laptop..

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