Toshiba Satellite A70

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Okay my dad has an older blue toshiba a70 laptop that he basiclly junked
while back.  It was dropped on the floor and now it wont turn on.  The
laptop is
stilll in one peice and nothing is ratteling around so i
belive the inside
components are okay.

The problem is with the motherboard and it now wont turn on, i think
motherboard might have came unplugged from the power jack but i am
not completly
sure so i dont want to take it apart yet

any suggestions would be helpful.

Re: Toshiba Satellite A70

You would have to open it up to even assess the situation.  But there is
a very good chance that being dropped damaged the motherboard in a way
that you will neither be able to find nor fix (example:  Some of the
connections to a BGA chip were broken).  Note: most Toshiba laptops
since about 2003 or so do not have the power jack on the motherboard but
rather mount the jack to the cabinet and then have a short cable to the

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