Toshiba Satellite A-55 Fried due to water?

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Hey first time writer here, hope I can get some reasonable answers
because no one else can tell me.  Ok here it is:

I spilled a soda pop on my keyboard traveling 2 weeks ago, and the
keyboard started automatically going crazy by itself.  I shut it down
and went back to my house and let it dry a couple of days before I
even started it back up (haha already had similar problems with my
cellphones).  But when I started it back up the Toshiba screen came
on but didn't do anything else.  I turned it back off and waited
until the next day and it didn't even start at all then.  So I don't
know what to do.  I am in a bind.  I went out and bought a Dell
Inspiron 6400, but it doesn't have the PCMCIA Card slot for my
AirCard.  So, now I have to tether everywhere, but I want to get my
other laptop back working so I can network with the AirCard.  Can
anyone make any sense of my gibberish? Ha! I hope so.  Thanks for
your time and consideration in reading this and hopefully someone can

Stillman Durr

Re: Toshiba Satellite A-55 Fried due to water?

It's more properly "PC Card", not "PCMCIA Card".

You may have fried the motherboard, or perhaps just the keyboard.  Soda
is a bad thing to spill, even water often destroys the laptop but soda
is worse.  But a keyboard problem can keep the machine from booting.
Remove the keyboard, connect an external keyboard and see if the machine
will then boot.

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