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My daughter has the Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5200...Well, it doesn't
work anymore and the warranty is done., Also someone had stepped on it
at some point as the LCD is cracked. I had hooked it up to a flat panel
and tried to get it booted, but the blue screen is constantly popping I gave up on it. I need to get ahold of the same modle system,
but no HD, no CD, no other words a barebone system, but I cant
find one that would be worth it..I don't want to end  up paying the same
price for a new one just for the mobo and screen. Can anyone help me
locate what I need? Thank you in advance

Re: Toshiba Satellite

tsorby wrote:
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I would be very curious what that blue screen error is. The third line
down is the big key. The stuff above and below this line isn't important
right now. And it might not be something serious to repair. I also
checked on prices.

WalMart (new) = $328.98
eBay used = $210 to $260

I haven't found any used screens yet. But generally speaking about most
laptops, they generally run around 100 bucks. So if you can find one,
that would be a pretty good price. And if you also need a motherboard.
Most laptop used motherboards cost anywhere between 100 to 200 bucks
when you can find them. So if you need both LCD and a motherboard, you
are better off buying an used one. And just a bit more, you can have a
brand new one.

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Re: Toshiba Satellite

On 12/3/2011 8:18 AM, BillW50 wrote:
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Looks like after-market screens are roughly $70-$90 shipped.

If you do an ebay search for "toshiba satellite motherboard c655d," we
get a few results.  Go to the Toshiba website and verify the part number

If you can find a used one for $200-$250, I would just get the entire
system.  LCD screens are simple to replace (might take you 30-45 minutes
if you've never done one before), but motherboards are a major pain.
Not difficult, but there are a LOT of screws and wire & ribbon
connectors to keep track of.

The BSOD error would be helpful for us to know...  We might be able to
narrow down the cause of the problem (although being stepped on, many
things COULD have happened!).  I have a laptop that outright refuses to
work properly with the VGA-out, but when its running with just the
onboard LCD, it runs perfect.

Stupid question (but we have to ask!), does it give you a BSOD when you
try booting in safe mode?

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