Toshiba Satellite 490 CDT OS upgrade: Win. 95 to Win. 98

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 I'm trying to upgrade my old Toshiba 490CDT from Windows 95 to 98 (for
my daughter). I tried using my 98 SE CD and it told me I needed the 98
upgrade CD. I opened that box and found the COA but no disk. Can
anybody help? Is there a work around, or do I have to buy another 98
upgrade CD?   Where do you get old software?
I've also got an XP Pro upgrade disk and a Home edition upgrade disk
(with COA's), but I don't thnk they will run on that computer


Re: Toshiba Satellite 490 CDT OS upgrade: Win. 95 to Win. 98

Your problems, of course, are purely legal and administrative and not

Your 98 SE CD just happens to be one of the 98 to 98SE upgrade CDs
(these are actually kind of rare).  The "standard" 98SE upgrade CD will
allow a 95 to 98SE upgrade.  You can't buy those "new" anymore, but they
can be found on E-Bay.

XP actually could run on that computer but the problem is memory.  It
takes EDO, and has 32 megs on the motherboard plus one slot, so the only
choices that would work would be 96 megs (64 in the slot) or 160 megs
(128 in the slot).  The issue is that 128 meg EDO modules, while they
did exist, cost more than the entire computer is worth.

You might want to give serious consideration to selling the 490CDT and
getting a 4010CDT, a 4015CDT or (this would be a big step up) a
4020/4025CDT.  The 490CDT and these other models are all in the same
price range, which is under $100 (although 4020's sometimes sell for
more, with patience they can be found for under $100, sometimes even
under $50).

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