Toshiba Satellite 4100XDVD power problem

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I recently was given an older laptop, a Toshiba Satellite 4100XDVD. It
looks fine cosmetically, except that the clip that locks the screen
when closed is busted, and the screen is quite loose on its hinges,
making it prone to move if the laptop is subjected to a rough
environment, such as in-car use.

It powers on and goes through BIOS hecks normally, then usually reports
a bad CMOS checksum. After entering setup, loading the defaults, and
rebooting, the laptop runs normally, but only sometimes. Occasionally
the laptop will only run for 2 minutes or less before suddenly powering
off with no warning. It makes no difference whether it is plugged into
AC power or not when this happens. Out of 10 tries to boot the laptop,
this will happen on 9 of them. It's very annoying, and makes the laptop
impossible to use.

1) What would likely be the problem area/component?
2) Wherecan I get a service manual for this laptop?
3) How much will it cose me to repair it?
4) Is it worth it for such an old laptop?

I only intend to use the laptop to watch DVDs and surf the Internet
wirelessly, so the demands on it would hopefully not be too much.


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