Toshiba Satellite 2455-S305 No Boot

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    I acquried a Satellite 2455-S305 that worked great except the hinges
were completely worn. The screen would not stay in position, and would
either fall all the way back or fall closed. Today, my replacement hinges
arrived. I installed them, reassembled the laptop, and powered it on.

When the laptop is plugged in, the green light for the AC adapter comes on,
and the orange battery light comes on as if it's charging the battery. When
I press the power button, the power light illuminates, but nothing comes up
on the screen. No beeps, no fans, the hard drive doesn't spin up, the DVD
tray won't eject. I tried hooking up an external monitor with the same

Originally I thought this might be due to the laptop thinking the screen was
closed and going immediately into sleep. I assume that the p000347830 Sensor
SW Magnet has something to do with triggering whether the lid is closed or
not. But, the behavior is the same whether the fromt bezel containing the
magnet is attatched or not.

Any ideas of things to try? Are there certain things the laptop will not
power on without? Is there any way to reset the BIOS to factory settings?


Re: Toshiba Satellite 2455-S305 No Boot

You apparently did something while taking it apart, e.g. you didn't put
it back together right.  A very quick one, did you reconnect the CMOS
battery(s)?  Retrace your steps (might mean taking it apart again).
It's not the screen closed sensor (unless you left the sensor
unplugged), without the magnet it would think "screen open", not "screen

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