Toshiba Satellite 2400 power connector

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Recently, I bought a (used) Toshiba Satellite 2400 Notebook. The sound
card didn't work so I thought I'd have a peek inside. Turned out that I
had over-estimated my skills - i can't figure out where one cable
belonged originally. I think it connects the motherboard to the power
button. It is white, about 8cm long, with a width of 0.5cm, and the
loose end is colored blue. I can't see any place where it could have
been attached.
Now the power button seems to have no effect. The only way to make it
boot is to shorten the loose end of that cable with tweezers or a
screwdriver. I'm not happy with this solution.

Maybe someone can give me a hint where to stick that nasty strip of

Thanks in advance,

Re: Toshiba Satellite 2400 power connector

Robert Grimm wrote:
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Look carefully at the *left edge* of the board and the *left edges* of
the components on the power button board (left when looking at the
screen).  You will eventually find the double-sided array, as wide as
the cable, of very small wires that you slide the cable into.  It is
possible that the connector is on the back side of the power button
board that should be unscrewed to make the connection.  You don't want
to do anything to the end of the cable since it is very fragile and easy
to damage.


Re: Toshiba Satellite 2400 power connector

Quaoar wrote:
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Thanks a lot Q, after your hint I had the nerves to unscrew that power
button board too, and alas - I found what you described. Works as fine
as before now :)
Toshiba engineers must have hands like children, I needed all my hands
and feet to keep all the connectors plugged in when re-assembling.


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