Toshiba Satelite A100 Screen too bright

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Hello All,

Even at the lowest brightness setting, I find the screen is too bright when
used in low light conditions such as when watching TV. Does anyone know of a
way to reduce the brightness further?

My preference would be 1) through software, 2) hardware mod, 3) as a last
resort, car window tinting film. It is cheap and widely available.

Laptop: Toshiba Satelite A100
Model: PSAA8C-TA202C
OS: Windoze XP


Re: Toshiba Satelite A100 Screen too bright

SL typed on Tue, 16 Sep 2008 16:38:08 -0400:
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Oh wow! Glad to met another dim screen user. You must be one in a million! I
never had a LCD display go out on me yet (but I bought used ones that had
before I got them).

Sorry although even since I am a hardware engineer, I don't have a lot of
ideas. As I would need to see the schematics and that isn't going to happen.
Luckily in my case, a notch or two above the lowest dimness works okay for

Adding a series resistor inline with the bulb might work but would be a very
bad idea. You have almost 2000 volts and the lamp might not even light. Plus
you have feedback from the inverter which is going to try to overcome it
anyway. Best is regulating it at the input of the inverter. Without
schematics, or probing around with a scope, I can't offer nothing.

Software-wise, it should be possible. But that is out of my field of
expertise. I have, but that was before we had programmers. ;-)

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Re: Toshiba Satelite A100 Screen too bright

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I much prefer a dim screen. The only time I increase the brightness, is in a
room with many windows on a sunny day. I am really hoping for a software
solution. But as you pointed out, you and I are in the minority. Most people
crank up the brightness and this laptop's screen is very bright.

Some months ago I searched the internet for a similar problem. I did find
someone who replaced the light and inverter with a bunch of ultra bright
LEDs and a simple regulator circuit. But that's just too much trouble.
Yesterday, I searched the Toshiba support (at for a solution
but without any success. Except for an 800 number, I didn't even find a way
to leave feedback such as an email address. I will try to call them in the
coming days.


Re: Toshiba Satelite A100 Screen too bright

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the first hit on Google is /
there are others listed too. This one has a free trial and if it works only
costs about $10.00

Re: Toshiba Satelite A100 Screen too bright

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Cheap solution: Sunglases.

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