Toshiba Sat Pro 4200 performance problem

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Yes, a golden oldie ...

It's a SatPro 4270 model (slightly up on the 4260 spec) -

bought as spares & repairs, initially wouldn't boot reliably, now it
will but when loading O/S onto the hard drive & (possibly) CD drive
data throughput seems awful. (8x slower than normal)

I've tried ...

whacking the RAM up to 128
swapping HDs around - the ones I've tried are all runners on other m/c
Updating BIOS to the latest - v2.6
toggling the HD mode (in BIOS) to normal from enhanced -

Any other things to try ?   Anyone know any diagnostic progs which
could pinpoint the prob?

Guess it's looking like damaged motherboard somehow.

I use another one of these routinely, & although slow, runs my SatNav
application fine.

All comments/assistance welcomed.

Re: Toshiba Sat Pro 4200 performance problem wrote:
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Run Everest Home edition and see what hardware there is
and if you need to install any chipset drivers.  Otherwise, the symptoms
might be the drives are not in DMA mode, however you can find to set
this, probably in BIOS setup.

What is the OS?   If XP it *will* be slow overall, but the drives should
still be in DMA mode.


Re: Toshiba Sat Pro 4200 performance problem

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll check out the Everest option,

Regrettably there's nothing in BIOS setup screen about DMA modes etc

XP on these (when fully working) is *relatively* slow, but acceptable
when you disable
all the services that are non-essential.

However with this particular laptop it's ridiculously slow with
whatever O/S one attempts to load,  it's something to do with disk
buffering/cacheing I think but I'm damned if I know how to correct it.

Oddly enough , given a Win98 boot disk, if you boot to DOS with CDROM
support &  (i) format the HD then (2) run Scandisk, the performance is
within acceptable norms,  it's when I then attempt to load an O.S. (any
- eg. 98, ME or XP) the thing is going to take 200+  minutes (so it
tells me) & I give up in disgust.

Re: Toshiba Sat Pro 4200 performance problem

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This is a classic with Windows - try adjusting the DMA/PIO setting from the
"Device Manager" under "IDE Controller". Set it to "DMA" access for both IDE
channels ("Primary IDE" for you HDD, and "Secondary IDE" for the CD-ROM).
Reboot to let Windows do its magic and that should cure the problem.

I've used Windows XP Pro on a 4270 with a Celeron 500MHz processor, and it
ran very swiftly and smoothly.


Alex Quant

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Re: Toshiba Sat Pro 4200 performance problem

oops. meant "flies" in my last post

Re: Toshiba Sat Pro 4200 performance problem

thx Alex, tried that. Problem was happening before it went into

Luckily I had an identical fully working 4270 to compare it with -
turned out that in the BIOS, the processor cache stuff was set to

Enabled, it files (well almost)


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