Toshiba SA30 203

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Worst laptop I've ever used. Very heavy, very loud, wireless isn't
built-in, keeps on crashing, and the sound never ever works! And I'm
stuck with it at work.
Anyone else had any problems with Realtek sound drivers?

Re: Toshiba SA30 203

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Not in general. Realtek is pretty basic, but it just works.

Toshiba, on the other hand is a whole different story.

Anyway, it's likely you have a hardware or driver problem. Being as
it's a corporate laptop, there's a minimum you might do with it. But
there are tests you can run without doing damage.

memtest86+ from, to test ram.

seatools form seagate to test the hard rtive (it's a toshiba, and
toshiba is the only hdd manufacturer that does not supply a diagnostic
of their own)

Thant's the end of do no harm tests. After that, these have a small
potential for making things worse.

You can try disabling various devices in the bios (keep track of what
you did! Corporate it monkeys are sensitive about people mucking in
their machines) and see if you can get it to stop crashing.

Drivers are here. (i don't offhand see an sa30 anything, but you might
double check your model)

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