Toshiba recovery problems.

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I have a month old toshiba A660. I of course stupidly did not create the
recovery cd.
Last week after installing some software I was getting the blue screen
of death everytime it booted up.

If i held down the 0 key when switched on it would go to the recovery
option but I didnt want to do this yet because I wanted to try and save
data that was on the disk.

So i downloaded a windows recovery and put it onto a usb and booted
that from the laptop, im not sure what happended but it made it worse
and now I couldnt even get into the recovery mode by holding the 0 key.

I was about to order the recovery cds from toshiba when I found on a
forum relating to my same problem to do a CHKDSK /R and then BOOTREC
/FIXMBR from a cmd prompt.

So I did that and it managed to boot into windows and everything is

So I thought before I do anything i should make the recovery cd, so I
click on the recovery media creater and i get "NO HDD RECOVERY AREA!"
and if I turn on the comp holding down 0 it wont go to the recovery
partition, just straight into windows.

But if I go into computer management (Windows 7 64bit)
I can see my HDD is split into 3 partitions, the first one is 1.46GB
with no name or letter assigned. The second one is my C: drive and the
third one is the HDDRECOVERY 12.47GB . When I was in the dos promt from
widnows recovery I could see all the files on the HDD RECOVERY so theres
some files there.

I think this extra partition is causing the problem and im not sure how
it got there, possibly from running the windows recovery?

Anyways if anyone has any ideas ill be very gratefull, thanks.

Re: Toshiba recovery problems.

pauly24 typed on Sat, 19 Feb 2011 17:33:40 -0600:
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Oh boy! You replaced Toshiba's MBR with a Windows one. And the Windows
one knows nothing about a recovery partition. Thus why you don't see it
as an option anymore. I don't know, maybe Toshiba might have a utility
to recreate their MBR once again.

No I don't think that extra partition is causing any problems. If it is
what I think it is, that partition is used by the drive itself. And I
wouldn't mess around with it. Or it could be part of Toshiba's extended
MBR code (which isn't hooked into the MBR anymore).

The first thing I would check is under Start->Programs for the "Recovery
Disc Creator". And I believe it should work to create the discs. Then
use these discs to restore the computer back to a factory state.

Gateway M465e ('06 era)
Centrino Core Duo 1.83G - 2GB - Windows XP SP3

Re: Toshiba recovery problems.

BillW50 typed on Sun, 20 Feb 2011 09:20:18 -0600:
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One of the partition types that I thought this could be was an EFI
partition type. I couldn't think of what it was called earlier. As it
just came to me. ;-)

Gateway M465e ('06 era)
Centrino Core Duo 1.83G - 2GB - Windows XP SP3

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