Toshiba Power Management Utility is not uninstalling...

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Hey all,

I have searched the internet for a few days, trying to find a solution
to my problem. The problem? Toshiba Power Managment will not come off
my dang laptop!

I had a toshiba laptop (A75-S125), but i got a new laptop (a Eurocom
one) and cloned the toshiba hard drive to the eurocom hard drive.
Now, i have all of the toshiba utilities on my new laptop--including
the incredibly annoying TPMU (it's just too long to type). I would
deal with it, but it doesn't work on my new computer since it's not a
toshiba. Solution: uninstall the bugger.

What I've done so far:
I used Add/Remove programs to uninstall the thing.
-First i tried to do it in safe mode, but it complained that it
couldn't find the uninstaller and that going out of safe mode might
enable it again.
-Went and tried to do it in normal mode. Uninstallation halted a few
seconds in and told me that i didn't have permission to delete a
certain service (CeEPwrSvc). I recognized the thing from the services
tab of msconfig, so i went there and removed it from startup.
-I restarted my computer and tried to use Add/Remove programs
again--it worked so fast i didn't realize what happened and only
after being unable to find it on the add/remove programs list did i
realize this.

So i was happy and all good until i tried to use the XP power
managment... It turns out that the thing can't be found in the
add/remove programs list or in the registry, but is still on my
computer and in the control panel! I thought i was rid of the menace,
but no... the thing just hid itself from my computer's eyes. I called
toshiba support and they just said they couldn't help me because it
isn't on a toshiba laptop any more.

Any replies whatsoever (even if they don't contribute information to
the problem) will make me feel better, so please, if you have
suggestions i will love your posts, and if you don't you can post
anyways :).

Thanks guys, i hope you can help me out a bit.


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