Toshiba power loss question

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I have a 2 year old Toshiba Satellite laptop. Recently it's started
switching itself off without warning. It can go for a few days OK, then
loses power. Having lost power once, it seems to do it more frequently for
the next few sessions.

Is this a software problem, or hardware? Is it time to chuck it away and get
a new one? Opinions welcome!


Re: Toshiba power loss question

philr wrote:
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This behavior is usually hardware related; in newer laptops it is likely
to be heat related.  Heat pipe 'radiators' can become laden with debris
over time and this will reduce cooling capacity, cause overheating, and
trigger the CPU self-protection circuit.  If you purchase a can of
compressed gas 'computer cleaner' and blow from the exhaust port to the
fan inlet, you can often restore the cooling capacity.

Shutdowns can also be RAM related.  Google a copy of memtest86.exe and
run it in extended mode to thoroughly test RAM.  RAM is relatively
inexpensive to replace.

Another more mundane, but often fatal problem is a failure of the AC
adapter jack due to a crack in the board, etc.

You'll have to provide some more information on the problem.  Review
Event Viewer logs to see if there are some errors that point to a system
problem, etc.  Does the fan run hard (noisy)?  Does it run on battery
fine, but not on AC with no battery installed?


Re: Toshiba power loss question

No easy way to tell what's causing this, but the most common cause of
this general type of problem is that the CPU cooling system (fan,
heatsink, etc.) has become clogged with dust.  Sometimes these can be
cleaned from outside, but the best cleaning requires opening the
computer and, not uncommonly, removing the heatsink from the CPU.
That's what I'd pursue first.

philr wrote:
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