Toshiba Portege HDD Upgrade

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I have a Portege 7020CT for which I want to replace the original 6.4G
hard drive with a 40G Toshiba drive I bought brand new. The machine,
however, does not even recognize the drive when I tried to partition it.
I later partitioned and formated it in another machine but when I put it
back into the Portege, it's still not seen by the machine (the BIOS
setup says NO HDD). I did update the BIOS. Is there a significant
difference between a larger drive and a smaller one that the older
machine cannot deal with?


Re: Toshiba Portege HDD Upgrade

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Usually this is a jumper issue. There are only three legal jumper
settings, try them all :)

I did, however, once strike a much nastier problem; a machine that
connected to ALL the drive pins (including the jumper pins) and selected
the drive as slave, expecting it to ignore that setting. The original
drive had special custom firmware to invert the sense of the slave
jumper. Had to cut a pin off the drive to make that one work.

Re: Toshiba Portege HDD Upgrade

It's possible that you have exceeded a bios size limit.  It's also
possible that "master / slave / cable select" isn't set right.

cc011 wrote:

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Re: Toshiba Portege HDD Upgrade

I'd bet there's some sort of BIOS limit.  If that's not the issue then try  
the jumpers.  If that still doesn't work, try your old HDD back in to see  
if your disk controller is dead.  If it boots, then see if there's a more  
recent BIOS on Toshiba's site.


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