Toshiba P35 Bridge Media slot

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I have a couple of anomalies on my Tosh P35-S611 that I purchased early last

The minor curiousity (and no doubt the resultant answer that will embarrass
me) is that the bridge media port (which is located directly below the
PCMCIA/CARDBUS port on RH edge of system) seems to have a slot 25mm wide and
several mm high and a 40mm wide slot (half as high) immediately above it.
My media slot(s) are also covered with a sexy wobbly rubber dust cap/cover
which you obviously have to remove to get access to BM slots.
Now I've success fully used a SD 128MB and 256MB card in the former slot but
when presented with a 32Mb Memory Stick Pro (Sans Magic Gate) which the Tosh
user guide says(well looking at diagram implies that it) goes in the same
slot I find that this 30mm x 20mm x 1.5mm? tiddler is just a tad too small
for both my clumsy thumbs and apparently for the opening? Like 5mm or nearly
a quarter inch in our old units is quite a bit of tolerance width wise?
However if say I attempt to insert it towards the front end of the 25mm slot
I fear it will disappear into the Stygian depths of the system thus possibly
then requiring the judicious (and careful) use of my eyebrow tweezers
(complete with ESD earthing<g>) to extract it?!!?

Am I being over cautious  - should I be bolder or am I missing something
like an adapter (not shown or hinted at in Tosh Idiots manual)?

Perhaps some guy or girl with a P35 or Pxx similar model might be able to
elaborate for this silly one?

Many thanks
Rgds Barbara

Re: Toshiba P35 Bridge Media slot

Notwithstanding the fact it's bad form to answer your own post:
   It appears I have a Memory Stick Pro DUO (ok my eyesight and memory isn't
that good) and that needs an adapter say like Sony Adapter for Duo Memory
Stick MSACM2N.SYM  or similar.
  Not that expensive (but then I suspect there's less plastic in my biro
cap) at 6 and no doubt cheaper elsewhere but in UK can be sourced from

Teach me to google more thoroughly before posting and apologies if I wasted
anyone's time in the interim.

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