Toshiba P25 LOAD ERROR

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I have a Satellite P25-S5093 that will not boot.  After the TOSHIBA
logo I get a "Load Error", "Press a key to reboot...".  Samething
happens again.
I loaded the Recovery CD and it repartisioned the drive and loaded
Norton Gost.  Everything looks and when it's done it tells you to
reboot.  Again I get the same "Load Error"
I went into system setup and checked if it sees the HD and it does.  I
don't see anything wrong in here.  I selected "Default Setup".  I still
get the "Load Error".
Any ideas?  I'd have no problem replacing the HD if I was sure that was
the problem.  I don't want to fork out $300 to find out there is more
to it.


Re: Toshiba P25 LOAD ERROR


I just loaded an older version of windows 2k and it booted just fine.
I wounder why after loading the system restore CD that I would get a
Load Error?  I'm going to try and reload the system restore CD and see
what happens. wrote:
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Re: Toshiba P25 LOAD ERROR

I reloaded the Toshiba System Restore disk over w2k.  This time the
computer booted right up.  I've since ran system update and I just
finished upgrading to SP2 for XP.  I've had to reboot several times
without any problem.

My only conclustion here is that the Toshiba System Restore disk does
not do a complete format of the drive.  I noticed it said Fast Format.
There must be some bad sectors here.  But that does not explain really
why I was able to load the Restore CD correctly this time.  It still
said that it was partishioning the drive and that should have wiped out
the previous format.

Can anyone please put some light on this subject.  I'm glad I got
arround the problem but I would like to know what was going on.  Oh and
I have done a complete check disk at boot.  Any bad sections should be
protected now. wrote:
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