Toshiba P10-804 compatible memory

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Hi all,

I am looking to upgrade my Toshiba P10-804 laptop by getting a 1G or
memory ram but I am a bit confused to which ram to get. I have done
some research and I am to get either KTT3614/1G or KTT3311/1G ram by
Kingston but I cannot find this memory anywhere. I am curently in hong
kong and there are loads of places to look for memory but I cannot find
this ram anywhere. I am actually told that the ram I can buy is the
KVR333x64sc25 model of the kingston 1G ram. I have been on the internet
doing some research whether this is compatible with my laptop but I
cannot find any information regarding this. All I can find is, that the
campatible memory is either KTT3311 or KTT3614. Can someone please shed
some light on this topic for me as I am confused about which ram I can
or cannot get.
Thanks in advance.


Re: Toshiba P10-804 compatible memory

Don't try to find this exact RAM.  Just look for functionally identical

That computer uses an Intel 865 chipset which uses standard DDR SO-DIMM
DDR memory.  The FSB is apparently 533MHz, and apparently you need
PC2700 (or faster) DDR memory, 200-pin SO-DIMM package.  This is a very
standard commodity item, you can get it anywhere.  You don't need a
particular brand (e.g. Kingston).

Note, that laptop has two memory slots.  If you put ARCHITECTURALLY
IDENTICAL modules in both slots, it will probably operate in
dual-channel mode (it will run somewhat faster).  If one of the slots is
currently occupied and the other one empty, you don't necessarily have
to replace the existing module, but to get dual channel operation the
new additional module must be architecturally identical (it does not
need to be EXACTLY identical, however .... I have one Infineon and one
[carefully chosen] Hynix module in my A105, and it runs dual channel
mode).  But for many people (especially those with limited technical
knowledge), the only practical way to get modules which they know to be
architecturally identical is to buy two completely identical modules
from the same source at the same time.  The internal architecture of a
chip/module is difficult for non-techies (and sometimes even techies) to

[If you install two modules that are architecturally different, the
computer will run just fine, but not as fast as it would run if they
were architecturally identical.] wrote:

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Re: Toshiba P10-804 compatible memory

Whether you decide to buy memory from Crucial or not, you should go to and use their memory selection routine to find out what you
can about memory for your computer.

If you do decide to buy memory from Crucial, and you buy the memory that
they recommend, it's their problem if it doesn't work, not yours.  You can
return it.


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