Toshiba overheating shutdown re-install problem

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Hi all

I have a two year old Toshiba Satellite P30-110. When it was around a
year old (just out of warranty) it started exhibiting the shutdown
problems that seem to be common and well documented on various groups.
The shutdown would be immediate, no warning. I controlled this to some
extent by raising the laptop on dvd cases to allow for additional
cooling although this did not solve the problem entirely. Eventually I
worked out that if I reduced the processor power it would not get so
hot. I did this about 6 months ago and the machine has never shut down
since. I had almost forgotten about the problem!

Now a two year old machine needs a nice fresh build, so I backed up my
data and stuck the Toshiba recovery ghost image CD in and booted.

Big mistake.

The ghost image gets about 25% in and the machine just shuts down. I
presume that, because I don't have XP reducing the processor speed,
the dratted thing is now running at full pelt and overheating almost
straight away?

I wondered whether there was something in the BIOS that would allow me
to reduce the processor speed but there seems to be a BIOS password
now. I have no idea where that came from, I do not set BIOS passwords,
can't see the point for my machines but it's a red herring anyway,
even if I did set it, I don't have any idea what it is now.

I investigate the Phoenix password reset options and none of the
backdoor passwords work and so I guess I might have to take the thing
apart and see if I can locate the battery. But maybe I can't slow the
processor from there anyway? Hardware is not really my thing...

So, I guess my questions are...

1. Is there somewhere in the BIOS that will allow me to slow the
2. If yes, can anyone point me to where the battery is so that I can
zap the password or any other tips for resetting this?
3. Is this likely to help anyway or am I wasting my time?
4. Any other ideas for getting round the overheating problem?

The machine does not have a floppy drive, it is attached to a LAN and
I have access to another computer with CD writing facilities.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Re: Toshiba overheating shutdown re-install problem

Lisle wrote:
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My friend had the same problem with Toshiba Satellite A60, computer
after 13 months of using started to shutdown, because of overheating
processor, so he dissasembled the laptop and blew the dust from
heatpipes and other stuff resposible for cooling (using the compressed
air)... Now computer is working fine. I think you should do the same
thing because lowering the CPU power is only good for a while, but what
will happen when the cooling system fails at all ??


Re: Toshiba overheating shutdown re-install problem

Take a look at this site. It may give you some help in getting to a point
where you can clean it.


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