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Re: Toshiba on an airplane

I think perhaps the point made that there is currently a ban on
inflight electronic equipment is the only relivant responce to this
post. Realisticly if you aren't able to bring the notebook onboard the
plane, having power or not isn't going to change the fact that your
notebook is in the cargo hull.

Secondly, I don't see where the question was asked WHAT sort of power
adaptor is needed, or IS there power availible. I don't even see where
is says what class they're flying in.  So everyone who is answering
with the same generic "if your in coach..." or "unless your in first
class..." is just simply making fools of themselves by making
assumptions they shouldn't make, without actually answering any

The question in tow, isn't can the notebook be taken on the plane NOR
is it is power available. The question is simply where can s/he get a
power adaptor for his/her model of notebook which will work with the
ciggerette style power adaptor.  If you can't answer this question,
then why even bother replying to the thread?

Now on to actually responding to the question:

You say you've confirmed by phone, what exactly have you confirmed?  My
suggestion would be to contact the manufacture about air power adaptors
available for your model. They will surely know if they make one or
not. Failing that, have you tried a genericly available universal
auto/air adaptor?

Re: Toshiba on an airplane

There is no such ban on US domestic flights.  And, I don't believe, on
international flights either.

The "right" adapter to buy is an "auto/air" adapter, because it will
have a plug for BOTH the "empower" seat power sockets AND standard
cigarette lighter sockets.  Then, if the user also has his AC adapter (a
few planes have 110 volt AC at the seats), he's covered for whatever
type of power is available, if in fact there is power available. wrote:

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