toshiba mk4026gax password

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I know this sounds insane but here's the story.

Bought a 40 gig hd on ebay. Supposed to be brand new.
I get it in the mail a few days later, put it in the laptop (dell
and I am immediately broght to a screen with "" at the top
that tells me it -the hard drive- is password protected.

I removed the drive from one of those lovely little
cellophane/alluminum foil
bags. I would like to say it IS new except I didn't password protect

A friend of mine suggested it may be an oem drive that has a password
installed by default by ?Dell?

Anyone ever hear of such a problem?
Anyone have a guess as to what the password might be?

To make this story even more of a nightmare, the ebay seller
would appear from the email discussions I have had NOT to be
much of an english speaker. Though they are looking into helping
me with this problem, I don't see much of a fix other than shipping it
back to them unless someone has heard this kind of story before
and knows the solution.

My first thought was that it was a unit that was spot tested at the
But somehow this just seems somewhat unlikely.

I have considered the possibility that my laptop automatically
configured a password, but this seems insane.
I see nothing in the documentation to suggest this.

It seems most likely that it is NOT brand new (cute little
cellophane/alluminum foil bag or not. How hard those to get?)

Anybody care to venture a gues or suggestion other than
Hey dude, sucks to be you?

Thanks for reading, Danny

Re: toshiba mk4026gax password

Wasn't there a post like yours just last week? Did you ensure the new drive
is strapped as the one you are replacing? You know- Master or Cable Select
or Slave.

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Re: toshiba mk4026gax password

you've been had.  the drive used to be in a dell pc, and the previous
owner BIOS password protected the drive.  the p/w protection is stored
within the drive itself (IBM travelstar, by any chance?).
to prove the point, see if you can format the disk: if as I suspect the
p/w prompt occurs before the bios, then ask for your money back: you
will not be able to get around this.

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