Toshiba M35X upgraded with internal DVD/RW

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Hey folks,

I'm just posting to report for the Public Good that
I have successfully upgraded my M35X laptop which
cost me only $500 on sale, to have an internal DVD writer.

The drive I used is Toshiba/Samsung part# SD-R6472.
I got it from ExtremePC but many places sell it for
$120-$130 e.g. Well worth the money.

Installation is a snap: remove two screws on the
bottom, pop out the old one, remove the bracket and
put it on the new drive, and slide it back in,
putting the two screws back in of course.

I have tested the drive and it writes successfully
under Linux. Caveat: I have Memorex DVD-R disks rated
at 4X, but I had to write at 1X to get a usable disk.
Quoted text here. Click to load it
buy them on sale. In fact I noticed one disk has
air bubbles inside the plastic.

The drive's firmware is verion TU50, but if you search
google for SDR6472-TU51.exe, you can find an upgrade.
I haven't upgraded the flash yet.


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