Toshiba M35x-S109 Screwed.

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The problem:
The power supply connector on the back of the laptop is loose

How did it come loose?
Wish you wouldnt ask, but anyways, i tripped over the power cord which
resulted in a strong pull at an angle on the female connector on the
back of the laptop.

The result?
Loss of AC(DC) power to the laptop, the laptop then automatically turns
over to the batter and drains it out completely.
It is however still possible to hold/press the male connector at a
certain angle and get the battery to charge, a slight change in the
angle/pressure results in loss of power and switching to battery
phenomenon :-(

Possible Causes:
1) The female connector's "pins" have broken.
2) The female connector got uprooted from the motherboard resulting in
uprooting/breakage of tracks.

Possible solutions considering i have still about 1 month left on my
manufacturer's warranty :
1) Change the motherboard (expensive and timeconsuming)
2) Open the laptop resolder the connector to the motherboard, if
requried replace it and also fix any visible damage to the tracks on
the motherboard.

1) I am more inclined towards solutiion (2) above,

What i need from you guys:
1) pictures / pointers on process of openihng the rear cover of the
2) pictures/pointers on dismantling the motherboard; I perceive i would
have to do this since the power connector would be on the other
side(back ) of the motherboard.
3) Any pointers to getting a cheap new motherboard for this laptop if
this motherboard has been damaged beyond repair.

4) Experts out there, tell me if this motherboard is just to
doublesided NON Multilayered motherboard atleast when it comes to the
power connection.

5) Anything else that i may have missed.


Re: Toshiba M35x-S109 Screwed.

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If it were me, I would send it back for a warranty repair; that is, *if*
Toshiba doesn't consider the damage to be abuse which voids the warranty
for that damage.  You will not know until you speak with Toshiba

Opening these recent computers is far easier than it once was.
Automated manufacturing pretty much is based on bottom to top assembly
so that getting at the internals is a 'simple' matter of removing one
key component on the keyboard surface that exposes the keyboard
retaining screws.  The key component often contains the power button and
speakers and slides to the left a bit and then lifts out.  After
removing the keyboard there is typically a metal RF shield that once
removed exposes the internals.  If this provides service access to the
AC jack is another matter but you won't know unless 1) you can find a
service manual or schematic diagram, 2) the damage once exposed is
repairable by ordinary mortals, and 3) you have the equipment and skills
necessary to do the repair.

In any event, your best bet is to determine if Toshiba will honor the
warranty for this damage or how much they will charge if they don't.
You might research eBay for a replacement mainboard (or power board if
it is a plug-in module).


Re: Toshiba M35x-S109 Screwed.

the m35x-s149s were known to have weak power inputs and if yours is a 19VDC
it would be the same.  I would find the LOCAL warrenty service provider and
see if they will cover it for you.   the local service CONTRACT companies
for Toshiba seem to be more liberal on warrenty repair than the mail in to
Toshiba path

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Re: Toshiba M35x-S109 Screwed.

I really appreciate the feedback. I spoke to Toshiba support, where i
was asked to go to the local authorized service center who in turn
would make a decision on whether there was an abuse involved.
Upon calling the local service center, i told them about the problem
(so that i dont have to pay for diagnosis). The guy told me that he
would get the mother board replaced from toshiba because the connector
is epoxyed to the mobo and also in the past Toshiba did not have a
problem replacing mobos for pwr connector problems. In verbally told me
that in case if toshiba does NOT replace the mobo then he would just
return the laptop and waive off the $40 ( diagnosis fee).

And yes, mine is a m35x-s109 with a 19V/3.42amp pwr supply from a third
party vendor called accbell or something to that effect.

Considering that dealing with a service center involves a bunch of
if-then-else-throw-catch etc. I was more than happy to get the job done
at home... i am used to opening computers and electronics equipment to
fiddle with the internal electronics therefore the necessary equipment
and skills is not an issue.

The issue that remains is whether i should trust the service center to
return the original mobo in the exact condition i gave them in case
Toshiba decides to NOT honor the warranty. Because somewhere along the
research it came to my notice that the svc center guys typically make
you sign a non-liability agreement before they accept your equipment
and they also tell that the mobo can get damaged due to N different
reasons .
I personally think it is a lame excuse to cover up their incompetence
but hey, what else does an average customer who does not have the
technical background to open up a laptop and to top it off understand
the electronics do? thats where they make money.

I managed to get a a fully signature of most removable components on
the system, jus to ensure that they do not replace them with something
behind my back. But can i really use it if they do try to dupe me is
another question.

anyways, i finally decided that i will give them a try tomorrow... do
you think they can and should tell me if toshiba is going to honor the
warranty in my situation without having to open the laptop ? that would
be real nice coz if they do not honor the warranty i can go ahead and
open it up myself.
thanks for your feedback it really helped make up my mind.

Re: Toshiba M35x-S109 Screwed.

They took care of mine no problem.  In fact they said bring it in just
before the warrenty is up and they will replace board with new one as the
one they used before wasn't the latest fix for the power connector.  Toshiba
knows they have trouble with them and seems to be being very liberal about

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Re: Toshiba M35x-S109 Screwed.

Anybody has experience dealing with Cal Micro ?

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