Toshiba M35x-S109 help wanted with fixing LEDs

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I recently had an issue with the power connector. the service center
guy told me that they had to replace the motherboard. However, ever
since, the following LEDs are not functioning:
1) Power button (both blue and orange(suspend))
2) HDD access orange led
3) CD spin led

I cannot take it back to the service center cause this was fixed more
than a month ago and the warranty on the laptop has expired already (
also i noticed it just recently).

I found out how the laptop needs to be opened up from this site however it did not speak about
led connectors, therefore was wondering if someone over here could help
me with this.

My best guess is that the service center guy who fixed my laptop forgot
to attachd the appropriate cables.
On the other hand he may have just forgot to put in the LED board (if
any) into the laptop.

Any suggestions would be of great help.

Also i wnated to know if i really need to open the whole laptop inorder
to fix this issue , i mean the screws on teh back of the laptop too.

Any help or directions would be for great help and i would really
appreciate that.

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