Toshiba Libretto hibernates all the time. Please HELP!

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Just bought a Toshiba Libretto 100ct that had the hard drive wiped
clean. When I first powered it on, it complained about the RTC (CMOS)
Battery being dead. I have ordered a new CMOS battery for the unit but
I decided to go ahead an load WIN98 SE on it.

While I was trying to load WIN98 SE on it, the Libretto kept going to
Hibernate mode by itself. It does this every 10 or 12 seconds. I
finally got WIN98 SE loaded on it and I checked the power management
settings in WIN98 SE but that is not what the problem is. I upgraded
to BIOS version 8.10 for the Libretto 100ct but the Libretto still
goes to Hibernate mode every 10 to 15 seconds. When the Libretto has
been sitting unplugged for a few hours and I power it on, it does not
go to Hibernate mode right away. After it warms up a little, then it
goes to Hibernate mode again and when I take it out of Hibernate, 10
seconds later it goes back to Hibernate.

I took the battery out to see if it would make a difference but it
doesn't. It still goes to Hibernate.

Anybody have any clues as to what could be causing it to go to
Hibernate? Could it be some kind of Power Sensor? Is it a problem
with a setting in BIOS? Is it a problem with the motherboard?

Any help would be much appreciated. I just don't know where to look


Re: Toshiba Libretto hibernates all the time. Please HELP!

Well It looks like motherboard problem, did you check if the CPU Fan or
Disipador works, I got a Lapton (diferent model) but with the same
isuess, sometimes when the CPU become hot the computer restart and when
you let the computer get cool for a while work, I suggest to you check
the fan. or try to download memtest+86 this utility check memory (just
in case) wish you luck....

librettoguy wrote:
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Re: Toshiba Libretto hibernates all the time. Please HELP!

On Mon, 6 Nov 2006 librettoguy wrote:

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Sounds like a thermal problem. Librettos auto-hibernate if they run too
hot, so either the machine is running hot or the BIOS temperature sensor
is damaged or otherwise not working correctly. Given that you already
have a dead BIOS battery, I'd guess the problems may be related.

Try blowing some cold air across / through the case while you
experiment. If the uptime is longer, you're definitely looking at an
auto-shutdown on overheat scenario.

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