Toshiba laptop T1000SE internal batteries

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I wanted to start up an old laptop Toshiba T1000SE. but it did not
After i pressed the on button three lights came momentarily on but
nothing further happened.
There are two batteries inside (besides the main battery).
One battery (about 20cm long and less than a centimer diameter type
xz0072p05 ) measured 1.5V and the other (two small round batteries)
The long battery should measure 6V (according to a replacement battery
found on the internet). Of the small one i do not know the output
voltage but i assume something like 3V (2*1.5V).
The question i have is the following.
Given that the two internal batteries are not delivering the correct
voltage is it than to be expected that the laptop does not work?
I would expect BIOS/time errrors but not a complete non-responding
Any suggestions because i do not want to replace a $20-40 battery to
find that there is something more seriously wrong with this laptop
(and turning it on is just for fun/curiosity/nostalgy).

Exact symptoms.
When i connect the power block the red DC-in LED and the orange
Battery LED comes on.
When i press the on-button three LEDs (Power/speed, Caps-lock and
Overly) come on (less than a second) and the floppy drives clickes (no
HD inside)
After this the orange Battery light goes off and the DC-in starts
flashing. This situation remains untill i remove the main battery.


Re: Toshiba laptop T1000SE internal batteries

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The coin-cell-shaped one is the one I'd worry about.  The other was
the standby battery.  Before I spent any money at all, I'd leave the
thing plugged in for a day; who knows what might get charged.

Re: Toshiba laptop T1000SE internal batteries

Chris Hill typed on Sun, 16 Sep 2007 08:52:54 -0500:
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Well if you want my advice, this laptop came with a 80C86 (9.54/4.77
MHz) and MS-DOS 3.3. And the symptoms sound just like the power
regulator board is bad. Which is really common for those old Toshibas.
If you can get 5 years out of one of these boards, you are doing well.
And good luck finding one of boards still working. I even searched on
eBay for years. They just don't exist anymore it seems like.


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