Toshiba laptop repair nightmare

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I bought a Toshiba Tecra S1 in August 2003.  I chose this over IBM because
Toshiba Canada offered three-year warranty for similar prices (at that

After using it for a little over a year, at the beginning of December, the
video module went crazy and the screen wiggles as Windows XP boots up.  
Eventually, it will completely freeze up.

So, I called Toshiba customer support in Canada and they said I can either
send it in to them, or go to an authorized repair centres.  Since my office
is quite close to one of their authorized repair centres, I chose the

Then, the nightmare began.  First, the repair centre had a long line-up of
repairs that needed to be done.  I wasn't told this at first.  Eventually,
they got to my laptop after three weeks of sitting there.  Not exactly
Toshiba's fault...  Anyway, after to got to the front of the queue, they
waited for the replacement motherboard to come in.

That came in, was replaced, and then it didn't boot.  So, they had to ask
Toshiba to send them a second motherboard.  That took another two weeks.  
That was replaced, but for some reason, the DVD-ROM that was working fine
became defective at the repair centre.  So, again, they had to wait for the
part to come in.  After that was replaced and they put everything back
together, they discovered that the trackpoint/touchpad was no longer
working.  How they manage to break things, I do not know.

Anyway, I asked if there is anything else they can do to speed things up a
bit as this was about eight weeks after I first took it to the repair
centre, the guy there said they can send it into Toshiba as they can get
parts directly.  So, they did.  Guess what, two weeks after they send it
in, I was told they need to wait for a third motherboard and that is
backordered until early March.

It's now ten weeks and counting.  Luckily, this is the laptop that I use
myself, not my colleagues' or anyone of my bosses'.  If it were, I would
have been fired six weeks ago.

I am definitely never buying a Toshiba laptop again.


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Re: Toshiba laptop repair nightmare

wow you got a bad one
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Re: Toshiba laptop repair nightmare

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BigJIm wrote:
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How could you tell?  By the Toshiba on the top???


Re: Toshiba laptop repair nightmare


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On a laptop, breaking stuff is rather easy.  I think your problem lies
mostly with the service provider.

Re: Toshiba laptop repair nightmare

LastYJ wrote:

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Next time send it to Toshiba.  It doesn't take two weeks to get a part
delivered.  The service center sounds like a bunch of incompetents.
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