Toshiba laptop Q

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I recently purchased a toshiba satellite.

I've been using it for a pretty time-consuming project so I haven't
really had much of a chance to figure out all of its bells and

In any case, today I noticed a problem with it.

When I press the On button with just battery power, the computer won't
turn on (I didn't have this problem before).

The computer turns on just fine if the ac adaptor is plugged in.

It also works just fine if I unplug it while it's on and run it on
battery power.

I thought maybe I might have accidentally locked something on the
laptop that prevents the computer from turning on w/ just battery

I know it's a stretch but it's such a weird problem.  If there was
really a power fault or if the On button was broken or the battery was
drained, shouldn't the laptop not power up with the AC adaptor or cease
working when the AC adaptor isn't in use?

I hate to send it off to be repaired because I need it for my
aforementioned project....if anyone has any thoughts, advice,
would be much appreciated.


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