toshiba laptop major problems

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I've had my Toshiba laptop since 2001 I think, never had issues with
it until the last month or so.  Here's the rundown of what's been
going on:

I have Norton antivirus, I think the computer came with it and I renew
it every year.  It prompts me to do updates when they are available,
but lately when I go to update, just as it's about to finish I get a
message saying something about not recognizing the digital signature.
 I go to the Symantec website and it tells me to enter something into
the start-->run thingie (sorry, not computer savvy really).  I do
that and still my updates aren't happening.  

Additionally, when I go to wake it up from hibernation, I often get a
"resume failure, press any key to continue" message.  Then
it takes about 20 minutes to boot up.

Last night I got that message, so I pressed a key and the computer
acted like it was starting up.  The little "I'm doing
something" light went off as if the computer was all done
booting up, yet the only thing that appeared on my desktop was my
background picture (one of my dogs, very cute).  No icons, no start
menu, no clock, no nothing.  Right clicking gets no response.  All I
can do is turn it off using the power button.  This problem isn't
resolving itself and I'm at a loss as to what to do.  Do I have a
virus?  If so, how can I get rid of it when I can't run any scans or
programs at all?  

Please tell me this is fixable.  Unfortunately as I try to research
this problem I'm finding a lot of bad feedback on Norton Antivirus,
although for the whole time I've had this laptop everything has
worked just fine.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


Re: toshiba laptop major problems

Of course it's fixable.  The fix may involve a new computer, but it's

General comment:  Don't "renew" Norton.  When the subscription expires,
remove it (completely) and install a brand new copy.  You get the new
copy FREE (after rebate) quite often, especially around Thanksgiving to
Christmas.  It's both better and (generally) cheaper.

I don't think that Norton is your problem.  You may have a general
software corruption problem, perhaps including Norton, but I don't think
that the problem is Norton per se.

It actually sounds, from your description, like a bad hard drive ... at
least that would be my first suspicion from your description (certainly
it could be something else, I'm only suggesting the first thing I'd look
at from your description).

Download a copy of the Hitachi DFT (drive fitness test) from the Hitachi
web site (this was formerly an IBM product).  It's basic test functions
will work on all hard drives of any brands (some more advanced functions
will work only on IBM/Hitachi drives).  Use it to test the drive.  It is
self-booting and does not run under ANY operating system.  The program
that you download actually makes a bootable floppy disk or CD.

Similarly, get hold of memtest or memtest86 and run it to test your
memory.  Like DFT, it is self-booting and does not run under any
operating system.

Once you determine that the drive and memory are good, I think you
probably need to consider reinstalling Windows, it sounds like your
system is corrupt.

What model of laptop?

sheltermamma wrote:

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Re: toshiba laptop major problems

Thanks for all the information, I will download the suggested programs
tomorrow night and try running them.  

It's a Toshiba Satellite, I don't know any more than that.  

Will post again after trying those programs... I'm ok with
reinstalling Windows - most of the important stuff is backed up.  

Thanks again for the suggestions, if you think of anything else I
should try please do let me know!


Re: toshiba laptop major problems

Saying that "It's a Toshiba Sattellite" is like saying "It's a GM
Chevrolet".  Satellite is a product line, not a computer.  The product
line has been in existence for decades and there have been maybe 10,000
different models of "Toshiba Satellites" from about 1992 to the presnt
day (and there are hundreds of models in production at this time, if you
count configurations, or a dozen or more if you don't count
configurations).  You need to find the model number.  It will be
something like "2805-S201", for example.  The suffix ("S201") is a
configuration indicator and won't be present on the top of the machine
but probably will be present on the label on the bottom of the machine.

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