Toshiba laptop + GeForce 300M series

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I read with consternation the wide-scale graphics problem afflicting
the above combination:

On June 15 2010, the last posting claimed 2 solutions, though
solutions have been claimed earlier in the thread, only to be
debunked. In particular, the two most vocal complainants

After much searching, the only model that meets my requirements is the
Toshiba Satellite A660:

It has the graphics controller GeForce GTS350M. This doesn't sound so
good. Ideally, I'd send a message to the two posters who tenaciously
kept attention on the problem, I would ask whether the solution
worked, but I'm frigging infuriated by the overbearing and controlling
nature of the administrators

<\start rant>
This last comment needs explanation (skip this paragraph if you hate
rants). My account was cancelled because username ToshibaUser2b might
be perceived as representing Toshiba. Apparently, so might
TOSH18Auser2b, since the login is rejected even after resetting the
password twice. I didn't get any message about that, though, so if it
ain't a 2nd account cancellation, it's just simple malfunction. Either
way, I find that that freedom of ideas is at the mercy of either power
tripping, corporate interests, or competence in running the forum.
<\end rant>

Does anyone know if GeForce GTS350M is subject to the same problem
that are endemic to the GeFroce 300M series?

Re: Toshiba laptop + GeForce 300M series

On Jun 23, 9:04 pm, undisclosed wrote:
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Right. Thanks. As you can probably tell, I haven't done markup
languages in a while.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It's an entire paragraph, so why I embedded the delimiters, and opened
the paragraph with a proviso.

Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe the problem. I find it
inexplicable that they remove links from postings about the problem,
and locked the thread rather than letting alleged solutions get
feedback.  I tried to convince the moderators to open up the thread so
that the effectiveness of the solution could be gauged, and because
terminating the thread makes it look like they're hiding something
(even if they aren't). It also stomps out legitimate discussion. Such
an appeal got my account banned (again) because it was deemed by the
moderators to violate posting rules, which seem to relate to promoting
illegal activity, impersonation, etc. So while I think the forum is a
treasure trove of information, I'm not sure how much I can trust the
view it presents. Usenet was way more balanced than these web forums,
despite the flaming that went on. Unfortunately, it is hardly used
these days.

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That's the thing...I am seeking a notebook that will be my only
computer. I can't afford to have it not working until a driver comes
out (assuming it's a driver issue). It must work right out of a box.
These are issues that should be solved before going to market. Or when
the model is new, there should be readiness to suspend sales when
fundamental problems show up rather than flooding the market with a
faulty design. Failing, at the very least, there should be open
transparent situation awareness of the problem and attempts at its
solution as the situation evolves.

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Fair enough, but these seem to be point solutions rather than ones
that solve the problem writ large. There seem to be many people for
whom they do not work. This means that the brand new machine, right
out of the box, must be troubleshot by the proud new owner until he/
she finds a solution that works (in the best case).

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True. I shall consider this. Frankly, the insanity of my experience
with the Toshiba Europe forums (compared to all other forums that I've
used) really turned my opinion away from buying Toshiba. But I have to
remember that I am not in Europe.  Unfortunately, other forums don't
seem to have nearly as much traffic (and thus, information).  What I
don't understand is how they amass such participation when they do
such tyranical things. Given the fact forums are international, I
wonder how much comfort there is in the fact that I'm not in Europe.

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