Toshiba laptop driver updates

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I have a L35-S2171 running XP Home, purchased in December, 2006.  
When I use the Software Upgrades link on my Start Menu, after
refreshing it always says there are no upgrades available.  And when
I go to the Toshiba website and then Downloads (or Technical
Support), I don't even find my computer model listed.

But when I go into Ask IRIS, and search for downloads relating to my
model number, there's a whole list of drivers and other updates.  In
particular, there are a dozen or more released on or about 8/29/06
which don't appear to have been installed in my machine.  I don't
know why 8/29/06 drivers wouldn't have been included in a computer
sold in December, but apparently they weren't.  Of particular
interest to me right now is an updated Atheros wireless driver since
I'm having problems in that area.

So I'm confused.  Why doesn't the Software Upgrades  link show these
drivers as being avaiable?  How do I know which ones I should
download and install?  Is the whole Upgrade thing broken at Toshiba?


Re: Toshiba laptop driver updates

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If it ain't broke. Leave the drivers alone.

Drivers are provided, so you can reinstall the OS, with a standard XP
CD. Chances are these drivers were already installed.

The Wireless:

I'm afraid Toshiba provides only 1 driver, dated 9/2005 for your card.
Meaning you have the latest. Atheros does not provide drivers. I'm
afraid wireless technology in general is flaky compared with a wired
connection. You can try another wireless card, if you like.

Re: Toshiba laptop driver updates

Peabody wrote:
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What you are probably looking at is a list of all the drivers for your
machine. The fact that the they are not automatically included in downloads
probably shows that they are already in your machine. Do a little research,
looking for the driver involved, right-clicking and checking the date of the
version that you have. That should show you if the update has already been

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