Toshiba laptop, Docking Keyboard / WinXP SP2 problem ?

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Hi there,

I have a Toshiba TE2100 1.8 Pentium4 on a docking station (
PA3082U-2PRP ). I have update my windows XP from SP1 to SP2. The
problem start here... The CTRL+ALT+Delete don't work if i use the CTRL
and ALT keys on the bottom left of the keyboard and the Delete below
the insert key [On the keyboard plugged in the docking). If i do it on
the internal keyboard, it works.

If i'm using CTRL+ALTCAR+Delete(below insert), it's work #1.
If I'm using (Right)CTRL+ALT+Delete it's work #1 ..

Do you know why, after installing SP2 on WinXP, only one type of
sequence don't work on the keyboard of the docking and all the
sequence (including on the internal keyboard) works perfect ?


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