Toshiba keeps shutting off...

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My Toshiba laptop every so often out of nowhere will just shut off.
Once it
shuts off Ill have to wait at least ten mins before I am able
to get back onto
windows again. Theres no certain time it does
this...out of nowhere it will just
happen and you never know when.
Its not on hibernate because again, when I go to
turn it back on it
reboots but it takes me ten mins to be able to get back on to
windows.. Can anyone help me...its getting REALLY annoying!

Re: Toshiba keeps shutting off...

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With many models of Toshiba and other brands I suppose, this happens if the
fan and its pathways are blocked by dust bunnies and other nasty things. It
goes into a protective thermal shutdown and won't boot up till the temp
falls. Using a flashlight, look at all the vent and fan openings for too much
dust.  I have a 2435, and it was happening to me after I had it about a year.
Never thougt of cleaning the fans till someone on one of the groups mentioned
it. I keep the fans cleaned out now (canned air carefully applied) and I
haven't had the problem for almost 2 years.

Just one suggestion :)


Re: Toshiba keeps shutting off...

Thanks! Ill try that out :)

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