Toshiba HD dies. Warranty support sucks. Review:MK6026GAX/HDD2194 2.5" 60GB Laptop

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Ok, so a replacement Toshiba HD dies.
I go to, and get to , where all the links
relating to storage devices are broken.  I figure out how to fix the
broken link, and end up at
Which has contact info for the company that Toshiba has outsourced all
its HD warranty service handling to.  This contact info does NOT
includethe company's website.  So I wait 'till business hours and call.
I finally get told that I must go to the website, and fill out this
form: .
The form does NOT support SSL, but requires I provide my credit card
information, if I want to get the replacement before Christmas.
Oh, and guess how they process this form (with my complete credit card
information in it, if I'd provided it)? They *email* it to!
Ok, so I filled out the form a day and a half ago, and I still haven't
heard back from them.

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