Toshiba hard drive suddenly broke?

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Hi there,
I kept my Acer TravelMate 290 which is mounted with a Toshiba 20G hard drive
working one night (os: win2000). The next morning i got up and found the
computer just restart and the hard drive can't be recongonized by bios at
all any more. This is just so weird to me, am i attacked by hiker or virus
or something?


Re: Toshiba hard drive suddenly broke?

sarah wrote:

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Before you consider your HD went south, try turning off the machine,
removing the battery and waiting a few minutes. Reinstal the battery and
restart. If this does not work, try changing settings relating to the
disk and the controller in the Bios, rebooting and then going back to
your normal settings.

The HD may have failed, the cable connecting the HD to the controller
may also have failed (it happened to me ..., still unusual), or the Bios
may have gotten somehow corrupted. But there, you will need advice from
someone more familiar with your machine than I.

A virus is also a possibility if it destroyed the boot sector. Probably
not the most likely possibility if you have an AV.

Good luck

John Doue

Re: Toshiba hard drive suddenly broke?

John Doue wrote:

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Thanks for the suggestions, john.
I'm sure it's the problem of the hard drive itself Because i now installed a
new hard disk to the same place and it works just fine. I also tried fdisk
and it doesn't work, so it's not likely to be a problem of boot sector

I really want to know what's wrong with this HD, but my laptop is out the
warranty time and they will charge me $350, which is much more expensive
than buying a new one, for recovering the data.

Re: Toshiba hard drive suddenly broke?

sarah wrote:
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As long as the bios does not recognize the HD, there is no way fdisk
would be able to access it ... I am afraid you are out of luck with
regard to your data if you don't have a backup. The only thing I would
try is, installing the defective HD in a Firewire or USB enclosure,
assuming you can put your hands in one and see what happens ... but from
what you said, the HD probably overheated during that fateful night and

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